Is tax season a good time to buy a car?

December 2, 2022

If you are a resident of Rockville, odds are that you are one of the many people who received a stimulus check. Since we are now at the height of tax season, this also means that many people are getting their tax returns.

This combination of income, in addition to many great offers on new and used cars in Maryland, make tax season an ideal time to consider upgrading!

Here are three things to consider:

You can use the cash as a down payment on a new or used car. A down payment is often a major consideration in determining eligibility for a lease or loan. A sizable down payment also helps reduce your monthly payments.

You can use the cash to pay down an existing car loan. It’s a great idea to bring down your total debt!

You can use the cash to take advantage of special sales. Many dealerships around the nation, including those in Rockville, are trying to sell their unsold winter inventory at this time of year.

No matter what you decide to do with your tax return and stimulus check, we hope you consider R&G Insurance for all your insurance needs!

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