Back to School: What Insurance Discounts Are Available for Students?

August 16, 2022

It’s back to school time! Have you settled into your morning routine yet?

Not everyone thinks of insurance during this busy time. But it helps to do so!

Here are 5 helpful things that you need to know about the back to school period and your insurance. Pay extra attention if your child is in college or high school!

If Your Child is in College: Dorm Room

For students that are living in a dorm room, did you know that your home insurance policy might also cover their property?

Keep in mind, however, that this does not apply to all home insurance policies. Some policies actively exclude dorm rooms.

Policies that do extend coverage often only cover 10% of belongings that are off-site.

One big thing that helps is having an inventory of items that your student is taking with them, along with their value. Don’t forget all the electronic items!

If Your Child is in College: Off-Campus

For college students living off campus, renters insurance is a great way to protect their belongings, even on a student budget!

A landlord’s policy only covers the building’s structure, not the expensive textbooks inside it.

Your auto insurance needs might change depending on the situation. If your student will be taking a vehicle to school, it is advisable to speak to your agent, since the school’s location may affect your premium.

On the other hand, if your student won’t be taking a vehicle to school, and only driving when they are back on break, you may be able to save on auto insurance. That’s because they are no longer a daily driver, but an occasional one.

One more thing! We advise having a conversation with your student about friends borrowing their car while they are away. Set expectations, since there may be special coverage considerations to think about. Our advice is to say no.

If Your Child Is In High School

For high schoolers, taking advantage of certified safe driver programs is one great way to save on your insurance premium.

Did you know that many insurance companies also offer a good student discount? Good grades pay off in more ways than one. This type of discount applies to both high school and college students. Speak to an agent to see how your child’s good report card can save you money!

When Driving Your Kids to School

For everyone out there on the roads, let this serve as a reminder to slow down and be aware at all times. With so many distractions, from boisterous passengers in the car to ringing cell phones, it can be easy (and costly!) to drive distracted.

Keep your eyes on the road and slow down, paying extra attention to school buses, crossing guards, and school zones!

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